All you need to know about us

Future Kids Publications is an education-centric venture of VK Global Publications and is solely dedicated to children and students from pre-primary to class VIII. With over 22 years of trust and readership at the National and Global levels, Future Kids aims at keeping the young minds enlightened with wisdom and good values. To carry forward this thought, Future Kids Publications proffers a wide range of books for the tiny tots and budding generations up to class VIII.

Our books are available around the world, in English and other dialects. They are curated by experienced academics with in-depth research keeping in mind child psychology and child education. The easy-to-understand text and captivating illustrations pique the interest of learners and make learning productive and enjoyable.

Education is necessary for the overall development of a child. With a wide catalogue of books and learning sources, Future Kids plays a vital role in imparting quality education and knowledge to the rising stars of tomorrow.

Meet our team

We think of the Future Kids staff as being like a family.
We are a tight knit team having decades of experience people tend to stay for a long time.

We love books: that’s why we write and design almost all Future Kids books ourselves. There are over 30 writers and 50+ designers on the team at Future Kids. You can trust the quality, accuracy and care that goes into everything we make. Like the children we make books for, our writers and designers are a curious bunch, armed with pen and paper, creativity and softwares, brimming with questions and obsessed with the small details. Our motto is, quite simple, ‘Do it Better’.

All our books are written in their language and designed for their curious eyes. We aim to make irresistible books, written in an infectious, enthusiastic and interesting way. We love facts and drawing and stories and finding out more about our favourite things, just like kids do. We work with subject-area experts whose expertise help in communicating with children. We don’t patronise and we are never, ever boring. That’s why children from babies to young adults love our books – and so do their grown-ups.