Shabd Gyan (Likhit)
Shabd Gyan (Likhit)

Shabd Gyan (Likhit)

by Rimpi Lamba and Upasana Mishra

Subject: Hindi Textbook

Grade: UKG

Age Group: 5 — 6 years

ISBN: 9789385948848

Edition: 2024

175 157.5

About the book

Skill Box is an enriched multi-skilled series for beginners, available in three levels—Level-1, Level-2 and Level-3. Level-1 is a set of 8 books, Level-2 is a set of 10 books and Level-3 is a set of 9 books. The books in each level are carefully graded keeping in mind the child’s age and ability. This series helps the child to move progressively through strokes, patterns, tracing, rhymes, stories and general awareness. The child is gradually introduced to two and three letter words in both English and Hindi, short poems and interesting information to quench the thirst of the inquisitive minds. A variety of activities based on the alphabet, numbers, colouring, craft, stickers, shapes etc., are provided to increase the child’s participation and involvement in the learning process. Bright and colourful illustrations capture the attention of the young learners.