Pearls (Literature Reader)
Pearls (Literature Reader)

Pearls (Literature Reader)

by Abhilash Nayak and Harjit Vasudev

Subject: English

Grade: 4th

Age Group: 8 years +

ISBN: 9789383646852

Edition: 2022

95 80.75

About the book

Pearls is a learner-friendly course for the effective usage of English language designed according to the latest CBSE guidelines. At each level, the course has – ‘Main Course Book’, ‘Activity Book’, ‘Literature Book’, and ‘Teachers’ Resource Book’.

Pearls provides effective training in the areas of language skills, vocabulary, grammar and co-scholastic skills. The series aims at having the skills of learners across all levels and integrating them to grow as efficient communications. All the four skills of language, namely listening, speaking, reading, writing along with vocabulary and grammar, have been dealt within a selected and graded manner. 

Pearls series is inclusive of the ‘Teacher's Resource Book’ which offers ideas and resources on how to conduct activities while encouraging interaction between the teacher and the learners for better understanding.

The Teacher’s Resource Book provides specific guidelines for dealing with all the sections of the book in detail. Each book has solved answers and explanations of topics that are required for the teacher to handle each chapter. It’s an effective tool for the teacher to help the learners grasp each and every aspect of learning language. Answers are provided for the Activity Book too.

Animated books and digital content for listening texts available online Web-support for teachers, learners and guardians provided through link on the website.