Real Pearls (Activity Book)
Real Pearls (Activity Book)

Real Pearls (Activity Book)

by Abhilash Nayak and Harjit Vasudev

Subject: English

Grade: 7th

Age Group: 11 — 12 years

ISBN: 9789386918741

Edition: 2022


About the book

Real Pearls is a new and improved edition of Pearls created after receiving feedbacks from users across the country. The series comprises Main Course Book, Activity Book and Teacher’s Resource Book for classes 1–8. Efforts have been made to make the series more functional, self contained and learner-friendly. Few lessons have been replaced to give an international look to the series. More words have been glossed to make the texts more comprehensible, readable and accessible. Contextual exercises have been provided to give the learners a feel to shift focus to the learning of grammar, vocabulary and writing skills. Special emphasis has been given to the Listening and Speaking to ensure the child's all round development in language skills. Animated books and digital content for listening texts available online Web-support for teachers, learners and guardians provided through link on the website