Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

by Rajiv Sodhi and Poonam Sodhi

Subject: Artificial Intelligence

Grade: 6th

Age Group: 11 — 12 years

ISBN: 9789395918084

Edition: 2023


About the book

This book is in accordance with the prescribed CBSE syllabus for Artificial Intelligence. It focuses on the required 21 st century skills and is in keeping with the Government of India’s New Education Policy (NEP)-2020 for students. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence at class VI level, is an ideal way to get students interested in learning about this technology that they may already be seeing around them.Children are naturally curious and this book will introduce them to the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and provide them answers as to how the gadgets, immersive games, internet sites and various other applications of Artificial Intelligence that they come across in their daily lives, actually work, in a simple, easy to understand manner with relevant illustrations,exercises, topics for group discussions and activities.