New Perfect Math Class 1
New Perfect Math Class 1

New Perfect Math Class 1

by Surbhi Mittal

Subject: Mathematics

Grade: 1st

Age Group: 5 — 6 years

ISBN: 9789395918008

Edition: 2024

465 418.5

About the book

New Perfect Math is our latest series of mathematics books for the Primary classes from 1 to 5.

Every book follows National Education Policy (NEP 2020) guidelines which focus on competency-based learning. It includes 21st century skills such as: Subject Integration, Creativity, Critical Thinking & Analytical Thinking.

The series has-

  • Full-colour eye-catching illustrations to capture the attention of the child.
  • Examples from everyday life of the child that he/she can relate to and thereby imbibe concepts better.
  • Activities and other interactive sections to reinforce the concepts while breaking free from the monotony of regular classroom exercises.
  • Test papers to help assess the level of understanding of the concepts.
  • Setting the problem sums such that the child can relate to them and can gain clarity about the importance of mathematics in his/her life.