Artificial Intelligence Textbook
Artificial Intelligence Textbook

Artificial Intelligence Textbook

by Rajiv Sodhi and Poonam Sodhi

Subject: Artificial Intelligence

Grade: 8th

Age Group: 11 years +

ISBN: 9789395918213

Edition: 2023


About the book

Artificial Intelligence is a technology that today's students will need to be aware of and work with, whatever profession they choose and work in.

Insights into the latest Al research taking in a variety of fields and the impact these advancements would have in the near future have also been provided.

Understanding the technology behind some Al-powered gadgets' smooth functioning and operations will evoke interest in students and open up a wondrous new world for them.

Al is being used to solve several complex problems efficiently, and by now, there is practically no sector left that remains untouched by Artificial Intelligence.

While the use of AI is being appreciated, it is essential for students also to be aware of the need for ethical use of Al. Ethics is concerned with what is morally right or wrong, just or unjust. This knowledge and awareness about the possible harm that unethical use of Al can cause will stand students in good stead throughout their life and motivate them to become ethical users, creators, and developers of the AI technology of tomorrow.