Future Kids Environmental Studies Class 3
Future Kids Environmental Studies Class 3

Future Kids Environmental Studies Class 3

by Anshumala and Archana

Subject: Environmental Studies

Grade: 3rd

Age Group: 8 years +

ISBN: 9788119895557

Edition: 2024

375 337.5

About the book

  • Let'sRecollect reinforces previously learned concepts and prepares for further learning.
  • Relate prompts children to observe their surroundings related to the topics studied.
  • DidYouKnow provides new facts for children to learn.
  • Environmental Literacy raises awareness about taking care of the environment.
  • LearningbyDoing encourages children to explore and learn through hands- on activities.
  • FindOut inspires curious minds to seek out fascinating trivia. Fact presents additional interesting facts related to previously learned topics.

Assessment Sheets are given to students to test their understanding of topics covered. The exercises focus on comprehension rather than memorization and aim to inspire environmental action.