Future Kids Science Class 3
Future Kids Science Class 3

Future Kids Science Class 3

by Suchi Bansal

Subject: Science

Grade: 3rd

Age Group: 7 — 8 years

ISBN: 9788119895724

Edition: 2024

390 351

About the book

Our meticulously crafted science course books adhere to the latest educational standards and offers :

  • Clarity & Engagement: Clear explanations and engaging activities. Simplified Learning: Simple language and visuals for better comprehension.
  • Cognitive Challenges: Brain teasers including riddles, sudoku, word searches, and mazes to nurture logical thinking.
  • Hands-On Creativity: Engaging Do It Yourself activities to foster creativity. Self-Assessment: Testing at the end of each chapter for evaluation.
  • Curiosity Spark: Fascinating facts throughout the book for extended learning. Research Opportunities: Encouraging self-exploration and in-depth understanding. Reinforcement: Well-placed revision exercises for knowledge retention.
  • Guideline Aligned: Content following NEP 2020 standards for an enhanced learning experience.