Future Kids Mathematics Class 2
Future Kids Mathematics Class 2

Future Kids Mathematics Class 2

by Surbhi Mittal

Subject: Mathematics

Grade: 2nd

Age Group: 6 — 7 years

ISBN: 9788119895052

Edition: 2024

515 463.5

About the book

Future Kids Mathematics is created with a particular emphasis on guidelinesoftheNationalEducationPolicy(NEP)-2020.

An ample number of activities are given under FunwithActivity in each chapter for different topics so that the child can understand the concept in a fun way.

For Classes 1 and 2 sticker pages and arrow cards are provided to encourage learning by doing.

Various colouring and creativeactivities are provided under Art Integration to apply the concepts taught.

Learning from Surroundingsprovidessituations-based questions from a child’s daily life so that he/she can make connections between mathematics and his/her everyday activities.

Keeping mathematics as the foundation, a variety of creative activities are provided under ProjectWork to encourage children to engage themselves in craftwork while they learn mathematics.

For classes 3 to 5, Competency-basedquestions are given in each chapter to assess various competencies of the child.

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