Future Kids Book Of General Knowledge Class 7
Future Kids Book Of General Knowledge Class 7

Future Kids Book of General Knowledge Class 7

by Madhuri Jain

Subject: General Knowledge

Grade: 7th

Age Group: 12 — 13 years

ISBN: 9788119895212

Edition: 2024

395 355.5

About the book

'Future Kids Book of General Knowledge' is created with an aim to fulfill a child's need for general knowledge in a way that will encourage their thinking and fascinate them to explore the mysteries and miracles of nature, as well as the accomplishments of individuals in the various areas of science, literature, art, and culture, as well as sports and games.

The organization of text into different units and the lucid presentation of facts in each section have been done with the aim of making learning a stress-free process so that each piece of information captivates and enhances the knowledge of the child.

'Future Kids Book of General Knowledge' series provides an unparalleled level of knowledge to bring about a transition fromacademic schooling to academic excellence.