Future Kids Pathfinders Class-5 (Sem-2)
Future Kids Pathfinders Class-5 (Sem-2)

Future Kids Pathfinders Class-5 (Sem-2)

by Abhilash Nayak, Harjit Vasudev, Madhuri Jain and Surbhi Mittal

Subject: English, Environmental Studies, General Knowledge and Mathematics

Grade: 5th

Age Group: 10 years +

ISBN: 9788119895779

Edition: 2024

705 634.5

About the book

Future Kids Pathfinders is a series of books for Classes 1-5. This series has been designed and developed by a team of seasoned ELT practitioners and teacher educators in compliance with NEP 2020, incorporating 21st Century Skills for the overall development of the child. Each book in this series promotes an activity-based and experiential approach to learning. Through this series, we aim to instil various elements that will enable the learners to ascertain the brightest future for themselves.


In-text questions within lessons and Self-assessment sheets/Assessment sheets have been provided at each level to help the learners gauge their progress from time to time.

Fun with Activity, Art Integration, Leam from Surroundings, Project Work and Competency-based Questions are provided to train students in co-scholastic and life skills.

All varieties of testing tools, in accordance with 21st century skills have been incorporated across the lessons to help the learners prepare for their career building.

As per NEP 2020, this series promotes a multi-disciplinary approach, allowing students to explore diverse subjects. Shifting away from rote memorisation, the series focuses on various skills: Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Collaboration, Creativity, Experiential learning, Collaboration, Global Social Awareness and Communication.