Interactive Learning

Interactive Learning

Real life approach to education with Interactive Desktop and Mobile applications

Learning is not just about memorization but it is also about a comprehensive approach through analytical reasoning which requires critical thinking.

In today's hyper-stimulated environment, interactive learning sharpens critical thinking skills, which are the basis of analytical reasoning. Whereas passive learning depends on listening to the teacher or remembering the information. But with interactive learning, a student can explore an open-ended question with imagination and reasoning, rather than simply resuming remembered information.

In today's hyper-stimulated environment, instead of remembering the information, interactive learning sharpens critical thinking skills. Through this approach, a student can explore open-ended questions with imagination and reasoning, rather than simply adapting the approach of rote learning.

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Interactive Lessons

Interactive lessons can assist a student in numerous ways. In particular, these lessons can motivate a student to engage with content rather than passively absorb it. These can be presented in the classroom as well as at home.

Activities and Quizzes

Whether you are teaching in the classroom, online or at home, interactive activities or quizzes are the most exciting way to engage a student.

It is a fun approach to enhance the student’s curiosity, awareness, thinking, imagination, visualization, expression and problem-solving abilities.

These activities and quizzes are accessible online to both teachers as well as students.

Games and Stories

learning with joy

Several researches have shown that the use of games and stories leads to better engagement, participation, achievement and recall of their learning in children of all ages.

Teachers' Resource

Lesson Plans and Answer Keys

These resource books are designed to be reliable and to provide appropriate guidelines for the teachers to successfully handle the lessons inside the classroom.

These include consolidated guidelines with special focus on classroom management, handling of various types of activities, lesson plans and answer keys.

Resource Center

Empowering teachers & students

Available for over 150 books

Not an electronic version of printed books. Our resource center hosts hundreds of desktop and mobile applications filled with lessons, puzzles, question banks, teachers’ handbooks and other learning and teaching resources to help students and teachers, respectively.

These applications are designed to promote self-learning of students and assist teachers.

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Resource Center for Interactive Learning