Gk With Gina
Gk With Gina

GK with Gina

by Dr. Farooq A Wasil and Mala Mehra

Subject: General Knowledge

Grade: LKG

Age Group: 3 — 4 years

ISBN: 9789383646487

Edition: 2024

245 220.5

About the book

‘GK with Gina’ is a teaching programme that focuses on the general awareness and overall development of the child.

The book attempts to widen the horizon of the child by providing interesting information on important concepts in a very simple and interesting way, thus arousing curiosity. The book also features carefully selected colourful photographs and excellent illustrations to make learning an enjoyable experience. Special efforts have been made to stimulate the thinking process of the child. 

To increase the child’s participation and involvement in the learning process, participative activities that develop problem solving skills and reasoning ability have been provided.

We hope that this book proves to be interesting and helpful to both teachers and learners.