Math With Maxi
Math With Maxi

Math with Maxi

by Dr. Farooq A Wasil and Mala Mehra

Subject: Mathematics

Grade: Nursery

Age Group: 3 — 4 years

ISBN: 9789383646494

Edition: 2024

325 292.5

About the book

Maths with Maxi is the result of extensive research by a team of dedicated and experienced kindergarten teachers. It is specially designed to complement classroom teaching and make basic mathematical concepts transparent and pleasing to the formative mind. This book enables the young child to recognize numbers, learn correct formation and find sequence writing easy. The exercises are made interesting by the use of natural objects. 

This ‘Number Skills’ edition is designed to help the student in problem solving, give adequate knowledge of mathematical terms, symbols and concepts and provide a strong base for higher levels of education.

While this programme retains the traditional mathematics, it complements it with modern technology.