Read With Ritcha
Read With Ritcha

Read with Ritcha

by Dr. Farooq A Wasil and Mala Mehra

Subject: English

Grade: LKG

Age Group: 4 — 5 years

ISBN: 9789383646517

Edition: 2022


About the book

Read with Ritcha– is a comprehensive learning programme which has a complete condensed lesson on teaching of alphabets.

In the changing scenario of today, it is important for the teacher to follow a proper and an accurate pattern of sequential teaching.  In this programme the child is exposed to the world of alphabets— upper and lower case simultaneously for recognition, phonic sounds and object recognition, and developing visual-auditory association through profusely illustrated coloured pictures.  

This is followed by an original set of alphabet stories which emphasize the phonic sound of the alphabet and end with a simple moral that is within the comprehension of the child. Furthermore, it has a series of songs or poems to go with each alphabet which again reinforces its sound. It is then followed by an assortment of ideas of foodstuff ie, ‘tiffin-n-treats’ which can be inculcated in the daily diet of the child.  This strengthens the visual association of the child even more.