English With Ebbie
English With Ebbie

English with Ebbie

by Dr. Farooq A Wasil and Mala Mehra

Subject: English

Grade: LKG

Age Group: 4 — 5 years

ISBN: 9789383646548

Edition: 2022


About the book

‘English with Ebbie’ is a complete writing practice solution for Kindergarten, Stage II.. 

Basic strokes and pattern drawings have been designed to create a firm base for a clear foundation to lucid, well-formed handwriting. Practice pages reinforce the concept, providing the young learner many opportunities to recognise the blending of letters that go into the composition of two and three letter words.  

This effective material weaves in art and writing skills. The pattern work will strengthen the wrist and boost the confidence of the learner. Hands on experience in creating and understanding the line patterns that makeup letters are value additions to this book. Drawing of simple landscapes and other related shapes along with being able to write the alphabet will surely be a bonus that will break the repetitiveness of practising.