Main Course Book

by Abhilash Nayak and Harjit Vasudev

Subject: English

Grade: 1st

Age Group: 6 — 7 years

ISBN: 9789386918499

Edition: 2024

425 382.5

About the book

Ripples is an integrated multi-skill learner-friendly cross-curricular course in English, designed to enhance the confidence and communicative competence of the learners communicating challenges in real life.


  • The books have been designed and developed by a team of seasoned ELT practitioners and teacher educators in compliance with NEP 2020, incorporating all the 21st century skills for the overall development of the child.
  • All lessons have been designed around a theme chosen from real life situations to help the learners explore different dimensions of the theme, respond to them and extend their learning beyond the classroom, thus making learning relevant, realistic and reinforcing.
  • All the four language skills, study skills, vocabulary, grammar and co-scholastic skills have been seamlessly integrated.
  • Listening and Speaking Skills have been incorporated to provide adequate practice in Communication Skills.
  • All varieties of testing tools, in accordance with 21st century skills, like Multiple Choice Tests, Cloze Tests, Fill in the Blanks, Match the Columns, Crossword Puzzle, and more have been incorporated across the lessons to help the learners prepare for their career building.
  • Series of Project Works has been included at all levels to train students in co-scholastic skills, life skills and human values.
  • Worksheets on vocabulary, grammar and language skills have been provided in the Teachers' Resource Books to help the teachers consolidate the relevant concepts.