Creative Science
Creative Science

Creative Science

by Archana and Zubie

Subject: Science

Grade: UKG

Age Group: 5 — 6 years

ISBN: 9789385303364

Edition: 2022

150 127.5
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About the book

Creative Science is a series for the primary school classes 1-5,with a modern approach to teaching and learning science. The series comes alive with colourful illustrations to stimulate the child's interest and curiosity. Carefully designed texts provide adequate knowledge of the subject matter. The exercises, project work and fun time activities are fully revised for updated knowledge. They also test the child's grasp of the concepts that have been dealt with, as well as the related facts, in a manner that makes learning easy and fun.

The focus has been on clarifying the basic concepts that are to be learnt at the grassroots level so as to ensure a sound base for higher learning. This elementary level series uses clear examples and covers all areas of science that a child at these levels needs. Simplicity of the text allows a clear progression from a previous level onto a higher level with firm foundations.