Magical Math-b
Magical Math-b

Magical Math-B

by A Rajput

Subject: Mathematics

Grade: UKG

Age Group: 5 — 6 years

ISBN: 9789383646012

Edition: 2023


About the book

Magical Math is a new and exciting series catering to both pre-primary and primary classes, i.e., A, B and Class I to V. Math is a vast phenomenon that surrounds us. A child is very responsive and relates to the surroundings with his/her keen observation. The child learns numbers, shapes, colours and the basic structure of math in his/her formative years.

This Workbook series is cross-referenced to Magical Math series. This series is designed to complement and extend the skills covered in Magical Math series.

In this series, colourful and eye catching illustrations are given to make learning math a lot of fun. Workbook activities provide additional practice and revision that are suitable for class work or homework.