Take Off (Term-3)
Take Off (Term-3)

Take Off (Term-3)

Integrated Term Book

by Abhilash Nayak, Harjit Vasudev, Kamakshi Khanna, Madhuri Jain and Rimpi Lamba

Subject: Semester/Term books

Grade: 5th

Age Group: 9 — 10 years

ISBN: 9789388558211

Edition: 2023


About the book

Take Off is an integrated set of term books comprising the core subjects—English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies and General Knowledge for classes 1 and 2. However, Science and Social Studies has been replaced with Environmental Studies for classes 3 to 5. There are three terms in each level. Each book has an additional workbook for practice.

The series not only brings all the major subjects together, but also eases out the burden of both the teachers and the students. The course material is a relief from the detailed curriculum of each subject. It will bring about effective learning by focusing on building the basic skill required for each subject. 

The series is a sincere attempt to lift the child from schooling to scholarship and ensure that learning is both educational and fun.