Pearls Activity
Pearls Activity

Pearls Activity

by Nidhi Bhuktiar Sahni

Subject: English

Grade: UKG

Age Group: 5 — 6 years

ISBN: 9789384837020

Edition: 2022

100 85

About the book

Pearls Activity Book complements the Main Course Book by providing activities which help learners consolidate the new language material learnt and get further practise in the reading and writing skills. The activities listed in the book include Listen and Speak; Look and Write; Colour and Write; Look, Trace and Read; Read and Write; Look, Count and Write; Count and Write; Write and Colour; Look and Colour; Read and Complete; Look and Complete; Read, Guess and Complete; Look, Trace and Colour; and Do and Learn. The activity Listen and Speak focuses on the enhancing of the listening and speaking skills whereas the activity Do and Learn anticipates the learners to put the basic concepts of grammar to use and understand its usage. The other activities mainly aim at enhancing the reading and writing skills, though psycho-motor skills are also simultaneously sharpened. All the activities are simple enough to be handled confidently and independently by the learner either in the classroom or at home.