Primary Atlas
Primary Atlas

Primary Atlas

by Yash Pal Singh

Subject: Atlas

Grade: 5th

Age Group: 9 — 10 years

ISBN: 9788192990583

Edition: 2024

465 418.5

About the book

This primary atlas is the first part of the series of graded atlases custom-designed for primary, middle and secondary classes.

Salient Features of the book are:

  • This beautifully illustrated atlas takes young children on an exciting journey across the continents.
  • Each continent is introduced by a native young child in his/her traditional costume.
  • The introduction is spread on two pages that contains a representative picture of physical or cultural features of the continent.
  • Physical map of each continent is guided by appropriate photographs aided by physical features of rivers and lakes, climate, plants, wildlife and natural hazards, given in bullets.
  • Political map of each continent is also accompanied by suitable and beautiful photographs and a brief pointwise description of countries, cities and towns, populations, languages and dialects, agriculture, minerals and industry.
  • World maps showing the major football, cricket and hockey playing countries appear for the first time in this atlas.
  • A quick review of interesting world facts is backed by suitable world maps.
  • Simple physical and political maps of India are also supported by appropriate photographs.
  • A satellite photo of India by night shows the difference in regional development.
  • Exercises based on continents help to learn more about the continents.