Senior Atlas
Senior Atlas

Senior Atlas

by Yash Pal Singh

Subject: Atlas

Grade: 7th

Age Group: 11 years +

ISBN: 9789385948909

Edition: 2024

635 571.5

About the book

The author of this series of atlases has worked with CBSE, SCERT, NCERT, and NIOS in various roles. They have supervised and coordinated geography TV lessons and contributed to radio shows on social science for young children. Additionally, they have authored geography textbooks for students from class VI to XII.

This senior atlas is the first in a series of graded atlases designed for primary, middle, and secondary classes.

Notable features of this atlas include:

  • Physical and human geography diagrams, coverage of NCERT/ICSE syllabus topics in a student-friendly manner.
  • A map of India displays the percentage of religious groups in the total population.
  • Furthermore, the atlas provides extensive coverage of continents and India, including thematic features of each continent and India.
  • Satellite images of each continent highlight developed, less developed, and underdeveloped areas.
  • The atlas also includes two double-page maps of the world.
  • The latest map of India shows world heritage sites and maps of each continent show major mountain ranges and plateaus marked in thick lines for easy student comprehension.
  • The maps in this atlas are carefully curated, including only necessary information for secondary-level students.