Middle Atlas
Middle Atlas

Middle Atlas

by Yash Pal Singh

Subject: Atlas

Grade: 6th

Age Group: 10 — 11 years

ISBN: 9789388558358

Edition: 2024

565 508.5

About the book

The Middle Atlas is the second part of the series of graded atlases custom-designed for middle classes.

Salient Features of the book are:

  • This atlas covers topics, which are part of the NCERT/ICSE syllabus and presented in a student-friendly manner.
  • The atlas provides suitable coverage of the continents and India, including thematic features of each continent and India.
  • It includes satellite images of each continent along with India taken at night that highlights the developed, less developed and underdeveloped areas.
  • It includes two maps of the world (physical and political) on double pages.
  • It provides the latest map of India showing world heritage sites. 
  • It includes the maps of each continent that show the major mountain ranges and plateaus marked in thick lines. 
  • It provides stunning pictures of trees, wild animals and birds of each continent on three separate pages.
  • The foremost feature of this atlas is that the maps are uncluttered, only those items are included, which the middle level students need to know.