Word Building Walter
Word Building Walter

Word Building Walter

by Dr. Farooq A Wasil

Subject: English

Grade: UKG

Age Group: 4 — 5 years

ISBN: 9789383646586

Edition: 2024

85 76.5

About the book

‘Word Building with Walter’ is an enjoyable exploration of the world of alphabets. The intricacies of blending vowel sounds and diagraphs are impressed upon through presentations for recognition, placing together of sounds and creation of words. The focus is particularly on vowel sounds so that young learners are exposed to the variety of sounds that can be produced with just five vowels. 

The effective support material promotes the visual-auditory association that is important for any vocabulary building to happen. Each blend is followed by a practice activity of the concept for successful reinforcement. Thinking skills are promoted, as learners are provoked to recognise, discriminate, and create words. Engaging and colourful graphics allure and retain the attention of the creative and formative minds.