Map Workbook
Map Workbook

Map Workbook

by Yash Pal Singh

Subject: Map Workbook

Grade: 7th

Age Group: 11 — 12 years

ISBN: 9789389535464

Edition: 2024

350 315

About the book

Maps are an absolutely indispensable reference tool of a geographer. These are not only used by the geographers but also by those who want to understand the ever-shrinking world of which we all are a part.

The series of Map Workbooks for classes 6–8 provide ample opportunities for students to handle maps, read and gather information from them and draw necessary conclusions. Its outstanding features include:

  • Three-dimensional diagrams to help in understanding the difficult concepts of geography
  • Colourful photographs of various types of terrains to make original study in geography much more interesting
  • Photographs of historical events and personalities to enhance the knowledge base.